• Patrick Fatica

The Last Set

This is the last set piece. This one will work in conjunction with the graveyard. The first step, is to lay on the foam. This is done to create the small hills.

This set has a large tree in the center. I'm making the tree a separate piece so it's easy to take apart and store until I'm ready to shoot. I'm going to attach the tree to this removable piece of plywood.

The tree is built from mailing tubes and aluminum foil. I used a hot glue gun and carefully wrapped the tree in a wire mesh made for clay armatures.

I used air drying clay and some sculpting tools (wire brush, fork and fingers) to sculpt the tree onto the wire mesh armature

After letting it dry overnight I painted the whole thing with a mix of paynes gray and raw umber

After it was completely dry, I dry brushed the bark with variations of gray.

Finally I added some algae and moss to the trunk of the tree. Now I will be ready to put in the ground, grass stones and flowers on the remaining part of the set.

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