• Patrick Fatica

Hand Armatures

So, to make the armatures I used 1.02mm tinned copper wire. The tinning makes it easier to solder. I have a cheap $15 soldering pen. That's all you really need. I also made the executive decision to change from 5 fingers to 4. I think this will be easier, and not as cramped on armatures that are already quite small.

When soldering, heat the metal you wish to solder not the solder itself. I then used a 2 part metal epoxy to glue the hand armature to the square bar. This will now slide in and out of the armature arm pieces.

After I finished all of the hands I needed a way to protect the latex from getting pierced with the wire. I'm using shrink tubing for that... Just add heat - you can see it on the hand in the top left.

The next step is to sculpt the hands that will be used for the casts. I will basically do what I did in the trial run a couple of weeks ago. This time using the high end latex i purchased. I did a quick test and the stuff is really strong. I think it's going to work really well.

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