• Patrick Fatica

Set #2

Today I started the second set. This is the basement of Hanna's house. Here is an excerpt of the script's description:

"The basement has stone walls and is dimly lit. There are books on shelves, and machines covered in dusty white sheets. The large machines only reveal themselves at the corners by light reflecting off of their metal casings. Beakers, test tubes and other scientific tools are scattered amongst stacks of papers and manila envelopes. Everything is covered in dust and cobwebs. There is a long narrow table in the middle of the room with a flickering work light above it. We can hear a dull hum of electricity. We see the door open as light spills in. We see Hanna walk into the room."


I'm using the same riser as the first set... No reason to build things twice.


I used 1/4" hard board for the base, and painted it flat black


I'm using 1/2" foam board for the wall structure. I will be carving foam to create the stone look of the walls.


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