• Patrick Fatica


Today I started to make the sockets for Hanna's eyes. I want them to be made out of silicone so they can sit comfortably in the skull. I'm hoping the silicone will "grab" the resin eyes so they don't move around while I'm shooting. The first step was to make the sockets out of Super Sculpey Firm. The metal bar is what will be used to lock the silicone in place on the skull.


The next step was to bake the Sculpey to harden it. Then I made a plaster mold as in the pics below.


After the plaster dried I just had to pop out the Sculpey. This was a little difficult, but I finally got it. It's a little beaten up on the edges, but I dont think it's going to matter much. I should be able to clean the silicone up with a razor and scissors.


I then added the silicone...


After the silocone dired it popped out of the mold very easily. I trimmed the edges with scissors.


It worked out perfectly. Here are the eyes. The resin beads were drilled with a tiny drill bit about the size of a pin. I then used a dremel to drill out the irises and painted them in. I will use a pin in the holes I drilled in order to move the eyes around once in the head. I'm going to clearcoat the eyes with a clear enamel to give them a glossy look.


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