Hanna Frightful - A Stop Motion Animated Short Film

“You are not you”


A new short film created by artist Patrick Fatica launching on Kickstarter February 9, 2016 at 12pm


Every second of this film is 15 frames - The film is 15 minutes long - The total number of frames is 13,500.

That’s how many photos it will take to make Hanna Frightful.


Orlando, FL - Contemporary artist and filmmaker Patrick Fatica’s newest project is Hanna Frightful. It’s his follow-up to his award winning short film MONSTER. Hanna is headed to Kickstarter on February 9th to lock up the remaining funds as it continues its production. Hanna Frightful is a 15 minute stop motion animated short film. It's the story of Hanna, a young girl with unknown powers and these powers are fueled by fear. Hanna finds that her life and the people in it are not what she thought. It’s up to her, with help from a little girl called Lou, to find out who created her and why.

After 16 months and hundreds of hours of work Hanna Frightful is gearing up for it’s Kickstarter launch on February 9th at noon. The sets are built, the characters have been created, and the script is polished. Using what he’s learned from his previous film MONSTER, his years of stage shows with collaborator Blue Star, and over a decade of gallery shows, Patrick Fatica puts it all on the table with his largest project to date. What’s most impressive is that he has done the entire project essentially by himself. He’s the sole creator, writer, director, producer, animator, fabricator, set designer, builder, model maker, camera operator, editor, and sound designer. He’s has had some help though from his costume designer Kyla Swanberg and a music score by Haui Balthesar. Voice actors have yet to be cast, but auditions will be held in the coming weeks. 


Patrick has been keeping a detailed blog with tons of photos throughout the last 16 months. He composed it as a guide for any future stop-motion DIY filmmakers, showing how all of the different parts of the film have come together. Patrick says about the film, “It’s been a huge learning experience. It’s been tedious, and mentally exhausting, but it is also the most rewarding thing I’ve ever worked on.” 


Patrick will be offering a variety of rewards for helping with the Kickstarter campaign. Original artwork, Limited Edition prints, producer credits, and an invitation to see the finished film are just the tip of the iceberg. He has paid for this entire project out of pocket up until now. He is looking for the remaining funds from art lovers and supporters to add the special bells and whistles that will help make Hanna Frightful everything he thought it could be and more.


Check out Hanna Frightful on Kickstarter February 9th at 12pm and be a part of the filmmaking process!



Hanna Frightful


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