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Patrick Fatica


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Hanna Frightful is an animated short film now in production. Production began November 2014. The tentative release is late 2017. 



... The inside of the house was cool and dark and smelled like cedar and nutmeg. It was full of antiques and trinkets that could only be found in a house that was handed down through generations. Auntie said I came to her when I was just 9 months old. She said that my mama got the sickness and when she died I came to live with her. I don’t remember mama. We’re not supposed to talk about her. Auntie and I would do "think puzzles" and sip tea made from the eucalyptus and the special herbs that she grew in her greenhouse. Auntie said I was sick a lot as a baby and as to not end up like mama she made sure I took my medicine every day.


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