Hanna Frightful is a 15 minute stop motion animated film. It's a labor of love, so we are asking that you donate your time and your voice to this project.


You can check out Hanna's blog and see all of the time and effort put into the production so far.

The audition process for Hanna Frightful is a 2 step audition. The first step will be to create your own recording. We are not looking for a professional recording. You can use your phone or computer. There are many free apps available.

Audition recordings MUST be received by August 31st

Please name your files as follows: Your Name_Character.mp3

- audio format accepted: .mp3, .m4a, .wav

- video format also accepted: .mov


If selected, the second step is an in-person audition that will be more in-depth. Below are brief descriptions of the characters and sides from an early version of the script. 


WE ARE NOT LOOKING FOR CARTOON VOICES!!!! This can't be stressed enough. 

You CAN send in auditions for multiple characters. Please make separate files for each audition.


14-16 year old girl: Hanna’s a little bit of a tom-boy. She’s innocent, and timid. Hanna grew up in the rural south, and has a slight Georgia/South Carolina accent.



8-11 year old girl: Although we might not understand everything she says - she certainly does. The words billow out of her like poetry. She’s an old soul who understands this world more than most adults.



35-50 year old woman: She's been backed into a corner with her life’s work on the line. Calm and succinct on the outside, a stress laden pressure cooker on the inside. This can make her fly off the handle at a moment’s notice. 

Man 1, 2, and 3

These are henchmen roles. Authoritarian, masculine... men in the shadows - pulling the strings.



I should start this with telling you about my aunt Grace. My auntie Grace. She's the soul that was just buried in the old plot. This first part was told to me by her. As she told it, the house was built before the Great Final War had hit its bloody stride. The war was in its 71st year. Generations of people have died through the decades. So many that they didn't even know what they were fighting over anymore. I didn't know that I would be the one. The one to end it. 


Auntie said I came to her when I was just 9 months old. She said that my mama got the sickness and when she died I came to live with her. I don’t remember mama. We’re not supposed to talk about her. Auntie and I would do "think puzzles" and sip tea made from the eucalyptus and the special herbs that she grew in her greenhouse. Auntie said I was sick a lot as a baby and as to not end up like mama she made sure I took my medicine every day.


Some things I know. Don't know how I know, just know. I failed them. Of course you must have seen that. Had to have seen that. I was suspended at my 11th year but I never saw a thing. Never raised a stone. Never had the fear in me... Grace said I never had the fear.

Fear is the elixir, the combustible component. Fear mixed with touch will show the gone-by or inevitable. This is a prelude to something more. Remember the fear and you will see. See the tea and you will see before your dawn. It's the origin of the numbers bless-ed be.


Put that thing over there for now, and be careful. Dammit! I said be careful. We're going to set up over here for the next subject. Try to pay attention. Everybody, pay attention. We don't know what its ability will be. Over the next decade, if anyone, I mean anyone even senses that we have another seer (sē′ər) on our hands I want to know about it immediately. We still don't know the ramifications of... Did you hear me? Immediately… and I want it terminated. Now, let's get started.

MAN 1, 2, and 3 (Excerpt modified from Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy):

I want to talk about loyalty, Grace. We recruited you, didn’t we? We found you starving in a burned out plantation in old Arkansas, a wanted woman. We saved your life. And yet, when the time came… when it came to picking sides between her and us, you didn’t hesitate. It’s understandable, perhaps, with your war experience. You survived this long, I suppose, because of your ability to change sides, to serve any master.

I recorded my audition. Now what?

- Unpaid non-union

- The production is in Orlando, Florida. It is imperative that you live nearby.


- The in-person audition will take place in September - Time & Date: TBD


- The in-person audition will take place in the downtown Orlando area.


- If you get the part you will need to be available for a few production meetings, rehersal sessions, and the recording sessions taking place between September and October.


If you agree to the above, please email your files

and a little about yourself/resume to:

Please put: Audition Recording as the subject.

We will contact you and let you know either way, so please do not send inquiries.

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