Hanna Frightful is a traditional 15 minute stop motion animated short film. It's the story of Hanna, a young girl with unknown powers that are fueled by fear. Hanna finds that her life and the people in it are not what she thought. It’s up to her, with help from a little girl called Lou, to find out who created her and why. 

in production now!

Check out the video from the successful Kickstarter campaign! Also: explore Hanna's blog to see how the film is made!

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The award winning stop motion short film made with paper cutouts.
Directed, Produced, Written and Animated by
patrick fatica
Narration by Amanda Gazy
Music by Jef Shumard

getting lost in the forest is never a good idea

MONSTER is a dark fable of 5 little girls that get lost in the forest and fall victim to their vices. There's been a monster in the swamp forest as long as anyone can remember. This is the story of the first time the monster made itself known and the only time anyone escaped.



I loved the look and I loved the story. It's rare that you can say,

"Hey, I've never seen this movie before!"

Jeff Strand (Three-time Bram Stoker Award finalist)


Beautiful visualization and animation!

Ted Nicolaou (Director of the Subspecies film series)


A lovely piece of work. Visually gorgeous and inventive.

The stop-motion designs are elegantly simple and effective.

- Bob Ross (Tampa Tribune film critic for 22 years)

A deliciously dark and beutifully rendered fairy tale that mixes chilhood fears with a striking silhouetted style

- Here Be Dragons Film Festival

A magnificent, dark and humorous animation

- Tally Shorts Film Festival)

Watch the making of MONSTER

A short documentary about the process of bringing the MONSTER to life.

Patrick Fatica MONSTER
BUY a DVD of MONSTER with limited edition signed print
The DVD features my short animated film MONSTER "Winner of the DIY Film Festival" and a BONUS "making of MONSTER" documentary. Along with the DVD, you will recieve a signed and matted art print of the film. All proceeds will go to my next film Hanna Frightful due out early 2016.